15 Body-Positive and HAES®-Aligned Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Red, pink and white candy hearts on a pink background surround the words "15 Body-Positive Valentine's Day Gift Ideas." Lindley's unicorn logo is at the top and the post URL is at the bottom.

Image description: Red, pink and white candy hearts on a pink background surround the words “15 Body-Positive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas.” Lindley’s unicorn logo is at the top and the post URL is at the bottom.

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Are you looking for that perfect gift for someone special this Valentine’s Day? Whether it be a cherished friend, family member, or a loved one, we have compiled a list of gifts we think would be perfect for sharing with someone special this season. What’s different about our list compared to most lists you will find on the internet is that each item promotes body acceptance and treating ourselves kindly.

Whether you’re looking for something to spice things up in the bedroom with your admirer, or promote positive mental health for your best friend, we’ve got something on this list that will be sure to please whoever you’ve got your eye on this Valentine’s Day!

Find the perfect gift for your partner, lover, friend, or family member for Valentine’s Day in our curated list of body-positive and health at every size-aligned Valentine’s Day gifts.

Let your special someone know that they are perfect exactly as they are!

1. Self-Care Sticker Sheet

Image description: Black background with a stack of sticker sets showing various stickers on each sheet. Sheets are white with stickers varying in colors and including hearts, sunshines, tea cups, tubs, and award badges. Each includes little motivational messages.

This sheet of hand-drawn, original stickers is the perfect addition to a loved one’s daily journaling or scrapbooking! Each self-care-focused sticker records success in actions like taking meds, going outside, or eating a meal. Help your loved ones show themselves love and appreciation for all their little acts of self-care throughout the day. Includes 11 delightful stickers by Love Not Hate Designs.

2. In Love with Me Massager + Curvy Girl Lingerie Discount

Image description: Little brown sack bag with white hedgehogs on it with a vibrator wrapped in plastic slightly sticking out and a purple business card.

Give your partner the gift of pleasure! This personal massager (okay, it’s a bullet vibrator) is the perfect way to inhibit your physical body with a little more pleasure. Can be used alone or together. We have paired with Curvy Girl Lingerie to bring you an incredible 25% discount on plus-size lingerie and other sex toys as well. Make your special night together perfect with this fun addition. Each vibe comes tucked inside an adorable, safe-for-public drawstring bag (designs vary).

3. Rose Quartz Confidence Stone

Image description: Four small blue bags with white whales on them and rose quartz beside that is light pink with a card underneath giving the benefits of Rose Quartz.

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Perhaps the most popular love stone is the rose quartz. Rose quartz encourages sensitivity and kindness, even helping us to build trust in others, all qualities that are harmonious with the act of being in love. Share this stone with someone you love to remind them of their inherent value, dignity, and worth each time they touch it. Each package contains 2 ounces of beautiful tactile rough rose quartz, either one larger stone (great for carrying in a purse or bag) or several smaller stones (great for tucking away reminders). Comes in an adorable whale-themed drawstring cotton bag.

4. The Moon Has Acne Scars Pocket Mirror

Image description: Round pocket mirror that is white with purple writing on it an an illustration of a purple moon. The text around the moon reads “The Moon Has Acne Scars and She’s Still Beautiful.”

When is an encouraging word most effective? At the right moment. Looking into this little pocket mirror offers a constant reminder that everything in nature has “imperfections” — including us. Gift this to someone who you want to remind of their beauty.

5. Body Love Box: Take Up Space

Image description: A Body Love Box with goodies hanging out. There is a sticker of a space goddess, a dream notes notepad, a yoga Nidra booklet, a zine title Bikes in Space among other documents and products. There is purple confetti coming out of the box.

This Take Up Space Body Love Box is all about taking up as much room as we need to exist in the world. Gift this to the loved one in your life who you have encouraged to take up more space. Its goodies include a full DVD download of fat-positive yoga instructor Kyrstal Thompson’s Yoga Nidra for your Moon Cycle; A Me Little Me documentary support sticker; a fat alien babe sticker for a water bottle or laptop; a beautiful ink pen with a moon charm; a space-themed zine; and more.

10% of the sale price of this box supports the upcoming Me Little Me, a feature film about an African American woman who is fiercely pursuing a promotion at work while also attending an intensive out-patient treatment program for eating disorder recovery. See more at melittlemefilm.com.

6. Fine Art Print: Kilauea Rainbow

Image description: A photo of a double rainbow lights the sky after a brief rain shower above the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island. The sky is blue with low white clouds.

In this fine art photograph by Lindley Ashline, a double rainbow lights the sky after a brief rain shower above the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island. Gift this to the person who reminds you of the beauty of life. Each original artwork is signed by the artist. Please expect up to 3 weeks for delivery.

7. Self Care Journal

Image description: A journal that says “SELF CARE JOURNAL” on the front and has a blue background with white speckles.

When this journal went out in a Body Love Box, it got the most exciting reactions from subscribers of any individual item ever! It’s an illustrated book jam-packed with self-care-related journal prompts and activities.

8. In This Body Drink Coasters, set of 4

Image description: Pile of drink coasters that have a digital drawing of a pink fat woman standing with her hands on her hips looking behind her wearing a dress and flat shoes. White background with pink text beside it reading “I am a fat person, not a thin person covered in fat, and I am worthy right now, in this body. – Ragen Chastain”

This sturdy, reusable drink coaster set features artwork that’s a collaboration between three fat folks: athlete and activist Ragen Chastain and artists Kathryn Hack and Lindley Ashline. Lindley took a photo of Ragen, and Kathryn turned it into digital artwork and added Ragen’s words. The entire work has been printed on each coaster for a fun touch of fat positivity every time you set down a drink. This is the perfect gift for the fat activist in your life.

9. Fat Girls Card

Image description: White card with colorful text that reads, “Fat Girls Can Do Whatever They Want” with a banner on the top reading, “Yup, It’s Really” and a banner on the bottom stating, “Really True.”

This 4×6-inch card from fat-positive artist Rachelle Cateyes features a gray-lavender front with the words Fat Girls Can Do Whatever They Want (Yup It’s Really Really True) in colorful letters and white banners. The inside is left blank for you to add your own message to your loved one. A perfect reminder to any fat girl who has doubts about what she is capable of!

10. Making It Hot: Sex Tips From The Curvy Girl Playbook

Image description: Book cover with a fat woman with short, dark, curly hair, and dark-framed glasses. She is wearing a sleeve-less purple top and looking directly at the camera. Behind her is a group of other plus-size women in lingerie. The text reads “The plus size guide to mind blowing sex: Making it Hot by Chrystal Bougan”

This fun series shares the secrets of having a hot and satisfying sex life. This book is all about having HOT sex. People and bodies are different so being open and honest with your partner about what feels good and what you want is the secret to a more connected and satisfying sex life for both of you. Sex is never just one thing, so learning to combine approaches and techniques will make everything more pleasurable for curvy girls and their partners.

11. Fine Art Print: Summer Rose

Image description: A photo of a pink rose that is shining in the sun.

In this fine art photograph by Lindley Ashline, a sun-drenched rose blooms in the gardens of Washington, DC’s National Cathedral.

12. Fine Art Print: Summer Rose

Image description: A sun-drenched rose blooms in the garden. You can see greenery behind the light pink rose and the sun shining through.

In this fine art photograph by Lindley Ashline, a sun-drenched rose blooms in the gardens of Washington, DC’s National Cathedral. This is the perfect gift for anyone in your life who needs a reminder of the beauty in the small things. Each original artwork is signed by the artist. Please expect up to 3 weeks for delivery.

13. Fat Girl Magic Print

Image description: This 5×7-inch print features a brown-skinned, lavender-horned unicorn babe dressed in a tank top, high-waisted pants, boots, and a feather boa. The words “FAT MAGIC” surround her, and her horn sparkles cheerfully.

This custom fat unicorn artwork from fat-positive artist Shelby Bergen is exclusive to the Body Love Shop! This is the only place it can be purchased. Share with the magical person in your life.

14. Big Big Love, Revised: A Sex and Relationships Guide for People of Size (and Those Who Love Them)

Image description: A Book cover showing a black and white photo of a curvy woman lying upside down wearing a white lingerie nightgown. She has one hand on her stomach and one hand in her crotch region which is covered with a red circle with text reading: “A Sex and Relationships Guide for People of Size (And Those Who Love Them)” and the header “BIG BIG LOVE” above.

Big Big Love is the only one-stop-shopping handbook on relationships, sexuality, and big sexy confidence for people of all genders, sizes, and sexual orientations who know that a fantastic love life doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the number on the bathroom scale. Covering everything from dating to sex toys to getting on top, this guide also features tips on navigating tricky topics like making peace with your belly, coping with weight-related prejudice, and creating a happy, satisfying sex life in a culture where no body is ever perfect enough.

15. Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life

Image description: Book cover that is orange with title across it reading “Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life.” Shows a picture of a curvy white woman with shoulder-length curly bright red hair. She is wearing a black corset and thigh-high black tights with a garter belt. She has her hand up to her open mouth with a surprised look on her face.

Curvy Girl Sex provides tried and tested methods, positions, and sex hacks for plus-sized lovers of all types, and does it all in an empowering, body-positive light. Sex educator Elle Chase covers sex positions from basic to advanced in this new guide for plus-sized lovers. Elle covers specific challenges faced by plus-sized people and provides precise, body positive tips, tricks, and techniques that cater to the big, beautiful body.

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Shelbey Osborne is a 200-hour Yoga Teacher. She is passionate about yoga and astrology and uses these teachings to help individuals connect deeper to their own intuition. She is an advocate for body acceptance and applying a self-compassionate approach to all areas of our lives.