Fat Rolls Not Gender Roles Sticker


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Purchasing this sticker helps support Positive Force Movement, the body-positive and inclusive gym in Rochester, NY for those who are left out of the fitness world.

> Measures 3″ by 3″

> Black background with green, white, and purple stripes and black text

> Saucy

Co-owner Lore McSpadden on how Positive Force Movement got started:

“I had been a fairly mediocre athlete in middle school and high school followed by years of being very sedentary, struggling to be present in my body as someone who does experience gender dysphoria. Any attempt at movement originated from that shame-based space of “I should do this, I should look like that.”

“That all-or-nothing thinking with shame as a motivator is not effective at creating long-term healthy change. I just wanted to find a way of moving that I didn’t completely hate so I could figure out what it means to have a flourishing relationship with my body.

“I have now sustained a relationship to movement that is joyful and celebratory. It was a way of being radically present in my body from a place that showed love for my body with my actions even when I couldn’t manifest that with my mind. And I was like, how many people feel that, particularly within the trans community, particularly within communities of folks who have survived trauma or who in any way have bodies that are marginalized? So many of us move through the world really struggling with being at home in our bodies.

“What I do is 100 percent focused on helping folks feel at home in their body, recognizing that overlap between the physical and the political, between kindness and strength, vulnerability and strength.”

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