Group Guide: Fat-Positive and HAES-Aligned Support Groups, Courses & Workshops Online and Around the World


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Everywhere we go, weโ€™re surrounded by diet culture, the cultural forces that cause us to feel bad about our bodies and want to shrink them into acceptability. Diet culture causes poor body image, encourages eating disorders and makes $71 billion in profit for the diet industry every year.

More and more often, people are pushing back against systems like these that arrange bodies in a hierarchy and call some of them โ€œbetterโ€ than others. Being anti-diet or recovering from dieting can be a lonely place, though, especially when everyone around you seems to still be jumping into every fad diet out there. Though diet culture encourages us to be vicious and toxic towards our own bodies and other peopleโ€™s as well, itโ€™s also an important bonding mechanism in our society. What are people supposed to do when they feel left out (or shut out) by diet talk?

As we move forward in our body acceptance journeys, support from people like us โ€” along with experts to show us the way โ€” is vital. Online support groups of every kind have sprung up to meet this need for community and support. (Many in-person and local support groups have as well, but due to the current COVID-19 situation, those have been put on hold.)

These groups include:

> Health at Every Sizeยฎ (HAES) and intuitive eating groups

> Meal support groups for eating disorder recovery

> Anti-diet, body positive and fat positive book clubs

> Eating disorder recovery support groups and group therapy that welcome people in larger bodies

> Fat-friendly fashion, fitness and hobby groups

> Diet-free support groups for people with chronic illnesses and medical conditions

I’ve created a living resource of over 95 support groups, programs, resources and courses that are Health at Every Size-aligned, body positive and/or fat positive. It’s one of the exclusive rewards over at my Patreon, and you can access it at any level of support, starting at $1/month.

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