February Body Liberation Book Club Pick: The Body Keeps the Score (Second Half)

February’s pick for the Body Liberation Book Club is the second half of The Body Keeps the Score by Van der Kolk. Join us on Thursday, February 27 at 7 pm for a fat-friendly hangout and book discussion. Newcomers are very welcome! The location is Unique Cafe, 12319 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125. This is the same location as Amante, where we used to meet. (Amante closed a couple of months ago.)

Content note: I’m told that this book can be triggering to folks with PTSD, so please take whatever actions you need to protect and care for yourself while reading it. I’ve also noticed some uncritical “obesity” talk in Chapter 9.

About the Body Liberation Book Club

Welcome to the Seattle Body Liberation Book Club! We meet on the fourth Thursday evening every month and discuss a different body positive book. See the event discussion for this month’s book.

This is a body positive event, which means:

– We don’t talk negatively about the bodies of ourselves or others
– We don’t participate in or allow diet or weight loss discussions
– We enjoy the food, drink, and activities we came together for without judgment or shame

Price: Free. No purchase from the restaurant is required to attend.

Open door: First-timers are welcome! We’re a friendly and welcoming bunch. Don’t be shy!

LGBTQIAP+-affirming: This event is open to folks of any (or no) gender.

No children, please — let this be a space just for you. Some of our discussions will contain sensitive and/or potentially triggering material inappropriate for minors.

Parking: Unique Cafe has a parking lot.

Guests: Feel free to bring a friend.

Accessibility: It’s mostly level ground and a very short distance from parking into the restaurant. There’s one step up into the restaurant and there is a ramp as well. The chairs have backs but do not have arms, and are comfortable for my size 26/28 rear for several hours. I believe the bathroom is wide enough for a wheelchair but will verify on request.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/511048292801276/

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