Body-Positive & Fat-Positive Lifestyle Portrait & Boudoir Photography in Seattle, WA

It’s time to truly see yourself.

“Lindley is absolutely a good choice for body positive photography. Plus, she is DARNED GOOD at the picture clicky clicky! Seriously, if you want good photographs and a lovely experience, she is a fantastic choice.” » AC, Las Vegas

It’s time to start seeing your body with both honesty and compassion, and that’s body liberation photo sessions come in.

I practice a completely judgment-free photography approach in my photo sessions. This isn’t your mainstream photography experience: There’s no extreme posing to make your body look unlike its natural form, no heavy retouching, no shame around flyaway hair or fat rolls.

That all sounds very serious, but the truth is we have a lot of fun! It’s amazing how freeing a complete lack of expectations (and, often, a lack of clothing) can be. You’re among friends and allies here. My sessions are laid back, warm and friendly, and self-care always comes first.

This is a safe and affirming place for you to explore your natural body’s contours, especially if you’re in a larger body, LGBTQIAP+, BIPOC, disabled, neurodivergent and/or in another marginalized group.

All sessions are a blend of lifestyle portraiture, boudoir and fine art — completely customized for you.

“I am a person in a body and I deserve to have pictures of myself that are beautiful and reflect how I look.” » VL, Tacoma, WA


Enhance Your Experience

All client photo sessions are currently being offered as part of the SEEN. Program.

Body Appreciation Photo Session

Supported by the SEEN. program, you and I will venture out for a two-hour custom photo session in a gorgeous Pacific Northwest location (or at my Renton, WA studio).

These sessions are a blend of portraiture, boudoir and fine art nudes, customized for you. A trusted assistant will be on hand to carry your things, so all you need to do is be your authentic self.

After your Post-Photo Love Session, you’ll receive 20 high-resolution digital images from your session, a 5×5″ album and custom video.

They’re open to people of all genders, presentations, and levels of fitness/ability. Hair and makeup services are an optional addition. Please contact me with any questions!

Starts at $999

Column 2

Body Celebration Photo Session

The photo session of your dreams! Supported by the SEEN. program, you and I will venture out for a full-day custom photo session in a gorgeous Pacific Northwest location (or at my Renton, WA studio).

You’ll start the day with professional hair and makeup (if you choose) before we head out to a scenic locale. Your food and transportation are taken care of, and a trusted assistant will be on hand to carry your things so all you need to do is be your authentic self.

After your Post-Photo Love Session, you’ll receive ALL the high-resolution digital images from your session, a 30-page luxury album, five matted prints in a beautiful 11×14 watered silk folio box and a wrought-iron stand to display your prints.

These sessions are a blend of portraiture, boudoir and fine art nudes, customized for you. They’re open to people of all genders, presentations, and levels of fitness/ability. Please contact me with any questions!

Starts at $2695

Makeup artist/hair styling

Available Add-Ons

  • Makeup artist/hair styling
  • Upgraded album size and number of pages
  • Additional products
  • Travel outside the Seattle metro area

“I was lucky enough to spend some time with Lindley for a boudoir photo session and had the BEST experience! Lindley was unbelievably kind, warm, and immediately eased any fears I came into the session with. I left the session feeling empowered and celebrated…and the photos turned out BEYOND STUNNING! I would highly recommend working with Lindley for any of your photo needs. The way she photographs larger bodies is truly magical.” » MB, Portland, OR


My home studio is located outside Renton, Washington state in the United States (not far from Seattle). Here in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, we have hundreds of options for session locations.

Most of my work is created on land belonging to the Duwamish tribe. I support the tribal council monthly and you can too.

If you’d like to see me and my camera up close and personal and live elsewhere, I’m happy to travel (with certain COVID precautions). Please contact me to discuss.


A “setting” is a specific location used for part or all of your session. For example, here at the studio potential settings include the garden tub, bedroom and garden.

You may choose one setting per approximate half-hour of your session. If your session lasts 60 minutes, you may choose up to two settings; a 90-minute session can have up to three settings, and so on.

You’ll be asked to choose your settings when you fill out your client survey

Our mutual safety is my top priority. There is no penalty or fee for rescheduling due to not feeling well or a positive COVID test result at any time right up till your session. Please reschedule if you are not feeling well, have been exposed to COVID or have any positive results or other contagious illness in your household.

I’m vaccinated (J&J one-dose) and boosted, and you must be vaxxed and boosted as well. I take a rapid test less than 24 hours before each client photo session, and I ask that you take one within 24 hours as well. (last updated 2023)

The first half of your session fee (your deposit) is due when you book so that I can reserve your session date and time. The second half of your session fee can be paid any time between booking and when I release your digital images/album after your reveal session.

Every client must sign a contract and model release, and fill out a questionnaire. The contract protects both of us in all of our interactions. The model release allows you to choose the level of privacy you’d like for your finished photos. And finally, the questionnaire gives me the information I need — including any mobility and/or mental health needs — to make your session safe and fun.

(If you haven’t paid your deposit and filled out your forms by your session date, you WILL NOT be able to have your session and will need to pay a $50 rescheduling fee.)

What to Expect at Your Session

Working with me is a friendly, fun and laid-back experience. I’ll welcome you and show you a private space where you can put your things and change.

There’s no need to be nervous or to know anything about posing. I’ll walk you gently through several poses with each backdrop that work for your career, personal style and personality. (And, of course, respect and honor any mobility limitations you might mention.)

I use my home as my portrait studio to ensure that your session is comfortable and private, though we may meet on location elsewhere. Either way, we’ll discuss expectations beforehand so you know what to expect at any location where we meet.


Expect to use one outfit (or “look”) per approximate half-hour of your session. For example, we’ll likely go through two outfits for a 60-minute session, three for 90 minutes and so on.

Go with your gut when choosing outfits for your session. If you love the way you feel in it, you’ll be comfortable in a way that will come through in your images. I hereby release you from bringing clothing you think you “should” wear. Bring your favorites!

That said, please don’t bring suitcases full of clothing. One look for each setting, plus 1-2 alternate looks if you’d like my advice in person, is plenty.

No matter what you bring, your clothing should be:

  • Clean and ironed or pressed as needed to be wrinkle-free
  • Free of stains, pilling, snags, holes and runs
  • Free of stray threads and tags that show through fabric

After your session, I’ll contact you to schedule your reveal session.

In addition to the digital images and products that come with your session, you’ll have a chance at your reveal session to order any additional images and products you’d like to keep.

Afterward, I’ll send you an invoice for any remaining balance on your account. Once your account balance reaches zero, I’ll do any final edits on your photos, send you your digital images and build and order albums and any other products.

Turnaround time is minimum 5 business days from session to reveal, and then an additional 5 business days for delivery after you choose your images. Expect a few weeks for physical products to arrive.

How much retouching do you do? What if I have a giant zit?

Short answer: I do little to no body retouching, depending on the type of session. I’ll remove some acne and minimize temporary traits like nervous flushes (did you know lots of folks’ ears turn red when they’re nervous?), but I will not erase wrinkles or other “blemishes” or give you china-doll skin.

I do, however, make global edits — changes to the entire photo or parts of the image to adjust color balance, lighting, shadows, and other non-body aspects.

For headshots and certain professional portraits, I may also choose to do light skin smoothing, since these types of images affect your professional reputation.

Can you make me look thinner?


I do not digitally alter the framework of your body. Instead, I’ll get a sense of your personality and use that to plan poses specifically for you.

Take a look at the sessions here on the site. Each person has had light posing guidance but is otherwise present in their entirely natural forms.

What are you going to do about my problem areas?

I say this with a great deal of awareness that lots of people won’t agree with me, but screw problem areas. There’s no such thing. The fact that there are areas on every body that won’t meet impossible standards of mainstream beauty ideals does not make them a problem. Here’s a piece I wrote on underarms.

Do I get to keep all my photos?

I know the most annoying answer in the world is “It depends,” but really, it depends. You’ll be able to buy some or all of your high-resolution digital photos (also called digital prints) after the session, and some may be included with your session as well. 

What if I don’t want to buy stuff? I just want my digital photos.

Your session will include both digital photos and print products. Digital photo files are difficult to take care of over long periods of time, so they’re not considered archival quality, where professionally-printed photographs will last for many decades. More here >

What resolution will my digital prints be in?

You’ll receive high-resolution images, which in general are around 4,000 by 6,000 pixels (slightly smaller if I’ve done any cropping). That’s more than enough resolution to print up to 40″ wide.

How long will you keep my photos? Do they ever get deleted?

Photos are kept for five years after your session; after that time, the files are purged (for sanity, cost, and server space reasons) and cannot be purchased.

Do I have to buy prints through you or can I use my preferred service online?

You can do whichever you prefer! I’m of course happy to order as many prints from your images as you like at your reveal session.

If you’d prefer a DIY approach, your best bet is to purchase the digital files from your session. Remind me when you get your files and I’ll give you a list of sites that I recommend for high-quality printing.

What if I decide I want more prints or an album later?

I’m happy to order prints, albums, or art products for you any time for up to five years after your session.

If you want your own Body Liberation Photos session but your budget is tight, this is the place for you. I’m making sessions more financially accessible by offering payment plans.

My payment plans are pre-payment, so you build up credit in your account until it covers the session(s) and any product credit you choose. Only then do we schedule your session. This way it’s fair to everyone: You have all the time you need to budget for your session, and you don’t have me bugging you for months after the session for payments.

How does pre-payment work?

» I’ll walk you through choosing your session and any product credit.

» You receive a confirmation email with your payment schedule and a link to your client portal.

» You receive payment reminders each month for four months. You can also visit your portal to pay more at any time. (So you could, for example, pay every two weeks when you get your paycheck instead of monthly.)

» I’ll contact you once your balance is paid off to schedule your session.

What is the payment schedule?

» Deposit ($25) due at time of pre-payment purchase.

» 25% of the remaining cost due each month for four months.

Does a payment plan cost more than paying all at once?

Nope! There is no extra charge for using a payment plan.

What happens if the price of sessions or products increases while I’m paying over time?

You’ll be locked in with the prices advertised at the time you start pre-payment. No sneaky price increases. (Caveats: Makeup and hair service pricing is out of my control, so see “Can I pay for makeup and hair using a payment plan?” Prices are locked in for one year.)

Can I pay for makeup and hair using a payment plan?

Yes, but be aware that prices do occasionally change a bit for makeup and hair services, which is out of my control. If my makeup artist increases the cost of their services before your session date, you’ll be responsible for paying the difference at your session.

What if I don’t use all my products credits? Will I get a refund?

Yes, you’ll receive a refund if you don’t want to spend all your credit after your session.

What if I don’t want to continue pre-payment, but don’t have enough paid into my account for a session?

You can stop your pre-payment at any time and will receive a refund of the money you’ve paid in, minus a 20% processing fee.

Can I pre-pay for a business session?

Sure! Once your balance owed is $0, I’ll schedule your session.

Love Body Liberation Photos photography, but a session isn’t right for you right now? Share that love with your friends with the Refer-a-Friend program.

It’s the world’s simplest referral program. There’s nothing to sign up for and no codes to keep track of. Just share any Body Liberation Photos website page or social media post with your friends.

Every time a friend books a session and lists your name and email address as their referral, you get $50 USD. It’s that simple.

Here are the rules:

» Your friend must provide your first name, last name and email address (so that I can contact you for payment).

» Your friend must book a full Body Liberation Photos photo session. Mini sessions, mini gift sessions, headshot sessions and parties do not qualify for the refer-a-friend program.

» Your referral must list you on the pre-session survey, pay all fees on time, and attend their session.

» There’s no limit to the number of people who can list you as a referral, but each person who books a session can only list one referral.

» Any spamming or other inappropriate behavior in pursuit of referrals will disqualify you from receiving refer-a-friend payments. Seriously, behave.

» Payments are made via Paypal within 10 business days after your friend completes their session and reveal appointment and pays all outstanding balances.

As you likely know, weather in the Pacific Northwest tends to be rainy. Very, very rainy. And very, very gloomy.

That might be exactly what we’re envisioning for your session, but if it’s not, there’s a chance it will present a problem.

To ensure that we have the most appropriate weather for your session, I’ll check the forecast the day before your session. If inclement weather will prevent me from giving you a great experience, I’ll contact you to reschedule.

For photo sessions with me, you may choose to have professional hair and makeup done, do it yourself or go makeup-free.

Should you get your hair and makeup done for your session? That depends on you. My clients come to me with full faces of makeup, clean bare skin, and everything in between. There’s no wrong answer, so go with what feels most comfortable to you.

Since not everyone wants makeup/hair services, they’re not included in your session fee. Don’t want it? You’re all set; just show up for your session how you’d like to be captured.

Do want hair and makeup help? I’ll arrange to have the makeup artist there for your session. You’ll pay them directly, and I’ll let you know beforehand what their fee is.

And yes, men and people with more masculine presentations are welcome to take advantage of hair and makeup services, too!

The big thing to think about is, what do you enjoy doing? Are there particular hobbies or elements from your life, or treasured possessions, you want to include? This is your session, so make it truly yours. You can choose a theme, bring items or props to use, or decide how you want to feel and trust me to do the rest.

A “look” is a single outfit.

What should you wear for a photo session? The sky is the limit! Seriously. I’ve had clients come in for sessions with everything from incredibly intricate outfits with corsets and garters and stockings, to a pretty top and jeans.

For body liberation sessions, any clothing that makes you feel amazing works. For business sessions, you’ll want to pick something that goes along with your branding and the look and feel you want to present for your business.

In general: If it makes you feel great, it’s a good choice. Fuck flattering.

Should I bring a change of clothes? Can I wear more than one outfit?

Yes! The number of outfits we’ll be able to take advantage of depends on the length of your session, but you’re welcome to bring a few options. We’ll also be discussing clothing options beforehand — I’ll guide you through choosing a great outfit.

I hear you have some loaner accessories?

I’m always picking up new things to add to my studio collection of accessories, jewelry, props, tiaras (YES INDEED) and some limited wardrobe and costume items. Ask me about them when you book your session.

Do you offer a client wardrobe?

Though I have jewelry and accessories available for clients to wear, I don’t keep a studio wardrobe because I’m committed to inclusion and it would be very difficult to source and store enough fabulous lingerie and clothing so that every single body I photograph would have great options. If you’re having trouble finding the right outfit for your session, let me know and I’ll help you source one.

What specifically was your favorite thing about your session? “Being able to express my body in front of a camera, and not feeling ashamed.” » PH, Tukwila, WA


How well do you work with people of color, non-binary people, transgender people and other members of the LGBTQIAP+ community?

I’m honored to serve as a safer place (as much as possible as a cisgender white woman — I’m always learning, growing, and happy to receive feedback for improvement) and a respectful way for folks from all these communities to view themselves and their bodies.

How do I know my photos will be flattering and make me look good?

My training in portraiture included posing and lighting larger and curvier bodies. I’m a fat woman myself, so I’m also familiar with how a plus-size body feels from the inside. Here are lots of examples of previous work I’ve done, so you can see my style and the types of poses I use.

But also, think about this: When we say “flattering” we usually mean “as thin as possible.” As you’ll see on the rest of my site, I’m not into minimizing bodies through posing or lighting or retouching. I will guide you in posing so that we can capture the aesthetic you want (particularly for boudoir), but your body will remain whole and in its unique shape and a representation of the housing of your unique soul.

But I don’t feel beautiful.

Take a look at the sessions here on the site. With very few exceptions, these folks are just like you: in other words, they’re not models and (beyond some inspiration from Tyra) have no modeling experience. You and your body are worthy, just as they are.

One of the reasons I’ll ask you to fill out a short questionnaire when you book is so that I can get to know you as a person before your session. I’ll get a sense of your personality and appearance, and use that to plan a session specifically for you.

I’ve never done any modeling. I don’t even like being in front of the camera. How will I know what to do?

At your session, I’ll give you a quick posing lesson and then guide you through each pose. My sessions are planned specifically so that you have time to relax and enjoy your session.

I have major fat rolls, ashy skin, acne, stretch marks, self-harm scars and/or other “flaws.” Are you going to be weird about that?

All of those things are part of your story, and there’s nothing more shameful to them than there would be to having eyes or ears. I won’t remove any of those things in Photoshop, but if you’re truly uncomfortable having them as part of your visual story, we’ll minimize them a bit through posing.

Being in front of the camera makes me nervous. What if I’m too scared to have my picture taken?

My sessions are built around making you feel comfortable, safe and worthy. That means you’re supported from the moment your session is scheduled:

  • I’m available by email (and, for business sessions, by phone) to support you in the days leading up to your session. Ask me anything!
  • When you arrive for the session, we’ll spend a few minutes chatting so you can get used to me and my camera with no pressure. I’ll also have supplies on hand like makeup blotting paper, a comb and tissues.
  • You can take a break any time — for water, a snack, the bathroom, to rest, or just because you want a break — without offending or frustrating me. Your experience matters.

What do I need to know about nude photos? Am I going to be pressured to do them?

Depending on our conversations beforehand, I give clients the option to do implied nudes if they want. That’s where you look like you’re nude, but there’s actually a sheet or fabric or ostrich feathers or a prop covering your private bits.

(Often, clients are also wearing a bra or panties underneath, too, but you can’t see it from the angle of the photo.)

Often, I do have a client request full-on nudes, which I’m happy to do, and I always do those from a fine art nude perspective.

The upshot is that, while you’ll always have the option to do implied or full nudes — and I may ask during your session if you want to do those — there is absolutely no obligation or pressure to do so. “No” is a complete sentence and a perfectly acceptable answer at any time in my studio.

Is it normal for a boudoir photographer to touch a client at all?

It comes down to what you’re comfortable with, but in general, yes — read more about touching here.

What kind of privacy options do I have for my photos?

Clients always get to choose what kind of privacy they’d like for their images, from public use (always anonymous unless you specifically ask to be tagged) all the way to “completely private and no one ever sees them but me (Lindley) and you (the client).”

When you book your session and fill out your pre-session forms, you’ll be able to check the box for the privacy level you want. Easy peasy.

I’m going to be half dressed for my session, and you’ll be all clothed and pointing a camera at me. That’s super intimidating. How do I know you even understand what it feels like to be vulnerable?

That is a great question, and I’m glad you asked. Since my sessions are pretty laid back, and I’m kind of a doofus in person, people find it pretty hard to be nervous around me. That said, I’ve been known to strip down to my own undies while working to even out the vulnerability situation.

I’m recovering from an eating disorder. What do I need to know?

Quite a few of my clients use their images as tools in their healing from eating disorders or poor body image. Though people often use their photos for a little informal exposure therapy, I encourage you to take them to any mental healthcare providers you’re working with, especially if you have an eating disorder. They’ll be able to give you tools to process and sit with your images in addition to the gentle work you and I do together at your photo session and reveal session.

My session is coming up and I just can’t seem to relax!

Check out some ways to destress before your session.

“Lindley combined both professionalism and upbeat enthusiasm to such a degree that I didn’t have a chance to feel very anxious.” » SW, Seattle, WA


Folio Boxes & Matted Prints

Covered in black Japanese silk, these gorgeous, sturdy boxes will hold your matted prints for generations. Included with all 60-minute-plus boudoir and portrait sessions.

$119 (includes three matted 8×10″ prints and wrought-iron stand)

The Big Book

The siren’s spellbook. Be careful who you show it to… there’s no known reversal of the inevitable enchantment!

An heirloom-quality classic 8×10-inch album, updated with lay-flat pages that stay open and preserve the center of each set of pages. Comes with custom photo wrap cover.

$209 / additional 10 pages $79

The Little Book

A smaller version of the Black Book, perfect at 5×5 inches for keeping close at hand or giving to a special admirer. Choose up to 18 photos to include. Comes with custom photo wrap cover.

$169 / additional 10 pages $49

Digital Prints

High-resolution digital images of your session. Share to your heart’s content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, dating apps or anywhere else, and print to your heart’s content. Includes unlimited personal image rights.

$20 per image / 5 for $69 / 10 for $119 / all for $799

Code of Conduct & Ethics

It’s incredibly important to me that you feel safe, comfortable and happy whenever you work with me. Here’s how I respect your bodily autonomy during our sessions:

  • Ask before touching you the first time
  • Check in with you occasionally about your experience and comfort
  • Give you space if you exhibit unusual nervousness or jitteriness
  • Explain what I’m doing occasionally
  • Respect any requests you might have for space or a break

As a body-positive photographer, I:

» View human bodies — all of them — with honesty, joy and compassion

» Seek out a wide range of people who aren’t trained models for my portfolio images

» Don’t talk about “problem areas” or “flaws”

» Don’t strive to make bodies look smaller or larger than they actually are

» Don’t digitally remove permanent aspects of people’s bodies like fat rolls or wrinkles

» Honor the body that each person has in this moment, in all its beauty and uniqueness

» Strive to capture a wide range of body types, shapes, sizes, colors and orientations in my portfolio, both to increase the representation of people in underrepresented bodies and to make clients in any conceivable body feel safe working with me

» Use poses that are reasonably comfortable for each person’s body shape and size, rather than slavishly imitating only poses that very thin people use

» Feature a full range of client and portfolio images on my website and in my social media, not just “aspirational” bodies

Client and event attendees must respect commonsense rules for public behavior, personal interaction, common courtesy, and respect for private property. Harassing or offensive behavior will not be tolerated. Touching without permission will not be tolerated.

The use of alcohol, marijuana, and/or illegal drugs IS NOT permitted on the photographer’s premises. The client understands that consumption of any such substances prior to and/or during the session may negatively impact the results of the images. If any such substances are consumed during the course of the session the photographer may cease work and retain all deposits.

The client will be responsible for the behavior of client during portraiture session. The photographer reserves the right to terminate the portraiture session without notice if the photographer deems the client’s behavior to be unruly or unsafe. In such instances, the photographer reserves the right to retain the full session fee and collect the minimum order as damages. The client will reimburse the photographer or her agents for any loss/damage caused to property or equipment.

Body Liberation Photos reserves the right to revoke, without refund, the admission of any attendee not in compliance with this policy and show them out. Anyone violating the code of conduct for an event or a session may also forfeit the high-resolution photos that may be part of the admission fee if that person is asked to leave before their photos are taken.

Anyone finding themselves in a situation where they feel their safety is at risk or who become aware of an attendee not in compliance with this policy should immediately locate Lindley so that she can handle the issue immediately.

I see you. I hear you. I believe you.

This is the agreement that I typically ask makeup artists to sign before working with any of my clients:

The clients you’re working with today may be shy or particularly vulnerable. Please respect their bodily autonomy and:

  • Ask before touching them the first time
  • Give them space if they exhibit unusual nervousness or jitteriness
  • Explain what you’re doing occasionally
  • Respect any request they might have for space or a break

You must respect commonsense rules for public behavior, personal interaction, common courtesy, and respect for private property. Harassing or offensive behavior will not be tolerated. Touching without permission will not be tolerated.

I expect clients to hold themselves to a high standard of behavior as well. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel your safety is at risk or a client exhibits unacceptable behavior, please find me so I can take steps immediately.