“I cannot recommend Lindley enough!!”

– Ragen Chastain, fat athlete and activist

Hi! I’m Lindley.

I’m a photographer, author, cat mom, fat art curator, musician, and fat acceptance activist.

I help people reclaim their bodies through photography. I capture images of people of all sizes, ethnicities and genders, not just the ones whose bodies are likely to be seen in magazines and advertisements. My photo sessions give fat people a safe place to explore how their bodies look on camera and increase the representation of fat bodies in photography, advertising, fine art and the world at large.

I offer fat-positive boudoir and portrait photography sessions to individuals as well as Body Liberation Stock, the world’s first and best collection of stock photos and illustrations of fat and other marginalized people.

I’m also the creator of the Body Love Shop, a curated resource for fat-positive, body-positive and Health at Every Size (HAES) artwork, goods and products, from high-weight furniture to fine artwork. The shop also features the Body Love Box, a line of curated body-positive boxes for gifting and growing in your own body acceptance.

My pronouns are she/her, my name is pronounced LIN-lee, and I live outside Seattle with my husband, two feline overlords and a serious houseplant habit.

I come from a body positive and fat activist ethical grounding, so I work primarily with folks who live in large bodies, are people of color and/or members of the LGBTQIAP+ community.

I’m changing the world. Come with me!

I made you something.

Dig deep into the hows and whys of improving your body image with these thoughtful writing, journaling and meditation prompts.

What people are saying:

Let’s dig deep.

Every Monday, I send out my Body Liberation Guide, a thoughtful email jam-packed with resources for changing the way you see your own body and the bodies you see around you. And it’s free. Let’s change the world together.

On the blog:

Bring body liberation into your everyday life.

I love body-positive and fat-positive artwork, buttons, and self-care items — and supporting fat artists — and I know you do, too. I’ve collected all my favorites into two places:

> the Body Love Box, a curated line of gift boxes stuffed with goodies

> the Body Love Shop, where you can find a wide variety of books, art prints, jewelry, home decor items, books and more for body acceptance and positivity, fat activism, Health at Every Size (HAES), intuitive eating, weight-inclusive healthcare, eating disorder recovery, and more

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Body Love Boxes

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