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A sanctuary for you and your one precious body

The Body Liberation Blanket Fort is my closed, diet-talk-free community. It’s open to all, and we center fat folks and other marginalized groups.

What the Body Liberation Blanket Fort is:

🌲 A community space open to people of all sizes that’s fat-positive and body-safe

🌲 A 24/7, continuous chat space

🌲 Direct access to me + a reward for supporting my work

🌲 Divided into public channels plus private spaces for fat and superfat folks

🌲 Weekly journaling activities and optional discussions on food, bodies and more

What it’s not:

❌ A provider-led support group

❌ A substitute for physical or mental healthcare or advice

Here’s why we’re hanging out on Discord:

(Need a helping hand getting used to Discord? I created this free webinar just for you.)

How to Get Access

To join the Blanket Fort, all you need to do is support my work on Patreon at any level. Starting at $1.00 USD per month, it’s financially accessible and easy. Once you join, you’ll receive an email within 48 hours with instructions.

If you’re a patron, you already have access. (Woohoo!) To get into the fort as an existing patron, follow these instructions to make your Discord account and join us. Not yet a patron? Join us!