A sanctuary for you and your one precious body

The Body Liberation Blanket Fort is my diet-talk-free, body-positive and thriving community for people of all sizes. Everyone is welcome, and we center fat folks and other marginalized groups. Equity pricing is available!

What the Body Liberation Blanket Fort is:

🌲 A community space open to people of all sizes that’s fat-positive and body-safe
🌲 A 24/7, continuous online space
🌲 Channels open to all plus affinity spaces for fat, superfat, queer, neurodivergent folks and more
🌲 Regular journaling activities and discussion topics

What it’s not:

❌ A healthcare provider-led support group
❌ A substitute for physical or mental healthcare or advice

Here’s why the Blanket Fort is on Discord

Creating a safe, welcoming community meant moving away from Facebook and forums.

(Need a helping hand getting used to Discord? I created this free webinar just for you.)