Unlike most of the mainstream stock image sites, weโ€™ve got motives beyond profit margin, which means caring about contributors. We want contributors to make a living wage too, so they get a stunning 50% profit share — twice what contributors get paid from mainstream stock photo sites.

When you purchase images from Body Liberation Stock, you support the livelihood of marginalized artists and models.

– Lindley Ashline, Founder

Lindley Ashline

I’m the founder and chief photographer at Body Liberation Stock. Any images for sale not attributed to another artist are my creations.

Beloved Bodies from Kathryn Hack

Kathryn Hack is an artist, teacher and social justice advocate. She creates figurative mixed media art reflecting diverse bodies. Kathryn leads workshops illuminating how seeing ourselves in art challenges internalized cultural fat-phobia. She strives to create images that apeal widely and resonate with a global audience.

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Flora’s Pond from Kathleen Marshall

Kathleen Marshall is a San Francisco Bay Area native, transplanted to Reno, Nevada where she lives with her husband, dogs, parrot and chickens. A former theatrical costumer, she currently teaches middle school. She loves fairy tale illustration of the Golden Era as well as multicultural spiritual art.

Flora’s Pond came from a dream I had in grad school. I dreamed there was a diner in the middle of nowhere. The owner, a woman named Flora, served up primordial soup to anyone who needed to feel recharged. The soup came from a hole in the floor where the primordial soup of creation had not hardened. This dream has inspired me to create the work I do. I hope my work inspires people to feel the joy of the universe and know they are a part of it, today, right now, in this moment, just as they are.

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food&fearless from Taylor Chan

Hi! I’m Taylor, a personal trainer and almost dietitian. I firmly believe in Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, and a non-diet approach to health, and love to advocate for these paradigms through my doodles! When I’m not doodling away, you’ll probably find me eating, napping, traveling, weird dancing, or hiking ๐Ÿ™‚

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Julie Murphy

Hi, I’m Julie! I’ve been creating since I was a tiny human who spent hours drawing when I wasn’t chomping through a story. My work examines the many connections in nature- from a cellular to a galaxy level. My art is also informed by my experience as a fat, queer woman in this society. I put this work out in the world for me but also for YOU! The experiences I’ve had connecting to the art, writing, music and poetry others have created are some of the most profound experiences I’ve had.

I am firmly committed to social justice and greater representation in all arenas. I believe that choosing to show vulnerability and living with authenticity in life and art is a way to heal some of the hurt many folks live with daily.

Norm Bowler

I’m a husband of one, father of four, and a software professional by day. In my free time I am a photographer, singer-songwriter, and music producer.

I specialize in taking naturalistic portraits. I look for the magic in front of the lens, not in Photoshop. I see everyone beautiful, and shoot what I see.

Tatiana Gill

Tatiana Gill is a Seattle based cartoonist who uses her art to show resilience and vulnerability, and representing diversity that goes unseen in most media. Themes include self love, health care, and feminism. Tatiana has created dozens of self-published comic books, teaches comics, and contributes to local & global publications.

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