Health at Every Size®-Aligned Consulting, Marketing & Content

For the HAES, Body Positive, Fat Acceptance, Plus-Size Fashion, Intuitive Eating & Eating Disorder Recovery Communities

If you’re serious about HAES and fat acceptance, especially if you’re in a smaller body, Lindley’s work is a must! She’s got lived experience in a bigger body, knows her stuff when it comes to content and copy editing, and is professional, honest, and friendly.

– Shelly Najjar, SEattle, WA

In addition to my hats as a photographer and body liberation advocate, I’m a marketer, writer and editor.

My background is in corporate marketing, writing and technical editing in the government contracting and software fields, where my employers and clients ranged from L-3 Communications to small businesses to Disney.

In 2015, I turned my attention to body acceptance and liberation work and began offering client photography, stock photography and writing services.

My clients now include Health at Every Size® (HAES) and intuitive eating-aligned psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, coaches, nutritionists, dietitians, fitness pros and trainers, and other healthcare pros.

I have a deep understanding of HAES, intuitive eating, weight bias and stigma, body image and liberation, body positivity and fat acceptance. My work is always created from a social-justice-aware lens, and I refer to my lived experience as a fat person when applicable.

Equity and Anti-Weight-Stigma Consulting

I’m also helping thin folks process, unpack and do better on an individual basis. Often, this looks like meeting (via Zoom) to untangle a web of beliefs, thoughts and assumptions around fat bodies that affect both your personal life and business.

It may also look like walking through your website, social media, handouts, course or other materials to ensure you’re not inadvertently harming fat folks.

Content Services

My specialty is translating techspeak and jargon into 101-level language that anyone can understand. In other words, I’ll explain llamas to your mama. (Or drama. Or dioramas. Or commas.) I’m experienced in content creation and inbound marketing, from articles to guides to whitepapers to social media. I’m a detail-obsessed nitpick of an editor, a flexible writer and a quick study.

I’m currently offering:

  • HAES- and fat liberation-informed equity reviews for existing work and drafts
  • Handout, whitepaper and ebook content creation (writing and design/layout, with byline or via ghostwriting)
  • Developmental editing, copy editing and technical editing

Rate: From $90/hour depending on type of service, please inquire for a free 15-minute consultation and detailed estimate.

Marketing Coaching & Services

Many of my clients just aren’t sure what to start, or what they need. The solution is often a blend of all the services I offer: a bit of consulting, a hint of copy editing, a few content gaps filled, and dash of loving butt-kicking. During our consultation, we’ll talk about what that process might look like for you and your business/organization specifically.

Working with Lindley

  • 50% deposit due before work begins; remainder due upon project approval.
  • I will provide an invoice and can accept credit card or Paypal payments.
  • Drafts and content reviews are delivered via Google Docs.

How long will my edit or review take?

Body Size Diversity & Equity Consulting

I spend a lot of time thinking about and discussing inclusive and accessible spaces, and how business owners can both grow their businesses and be welcoming, fantastic places for people who identify as large-bodied, plus-size, fat, superfat or infinifat. In fact, I’m even writing a book on it, from where to find high-weight-limit chairs to the nitty-gritty details like how to handle fatphobia when it comes from your customers or employees.

I’m happy to help you design or adapt your business to be fat-friendly and inclusive. Let’s talk about your specific situation and needs.

I’m also happy to do an equity/sensitivity reading on your book draft.

Rate: From $90/hour, please inquire for a free 15-minute consultation and detailed estimate


Here are a few of my published works. I’m happy to provide a full portfolio on request.