{Podcast Month} Lindley on the All Fired Up! Podcast on Confidence Magic, Taking on Whole30 and Body Liberation Through Photos

✨ For the month of December, enjoy these podcast episodes while I slow down, take a breath and plan for next year. ✨

Louise Adams may call her wonderful podcast All Fired Up!, but I think of my episode as a phrase a little closer to my Southern U.S. roots: I’m all het up.

I went down a small rabbit hole looking up the origins of that phrase, and it turns out that it’s a shortening of β€œheated up” and is at least a century old.

At any rate, I do get het up when I see injustice, especially injustice to fat folks, and that was a major topic of our podcast episode.

I’ll let Louise describe the rest:

My guest this week is the fierce and fabulous Lindley Ashline, fat-positive photographer and body liberation activist, who has literally BANNED the weight loss industry from using her stock photos. In this glorious episode, Lindley tells how she pushed back when a diet company tried to do just that! The AUDACITY of diet companies and the weight loss industry is next level, but they were no match for Lindley! Join us for a completely fired up, inspiring conversation with a woman who takes no bullshit, AND takes staggeringly awesome photos!

πŸ”Š Listen or read:

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