Next week’s Body Liberation Blanket Fort schedule

Next week's schedule at the Body Liberation Blanket Fort, a body-positive safer space

We’re body doubling/co-working at 10 am Pacific Monday over in the Body Liberation Blanket Fort! We’d love for you to join us.

Body doubling is a productivity strategy in which another person works alongside you as you complete a task you might otherwise find challenging. Having someone nearby may help you stay focused, engaged, or motivated to finish the job.

To join and get access to the Blanket Fort, register for my Patreon. $1 USD/mo or more gets you in.

Here’s what else is going on next week:

ยป Body Doubling – 10 am PST
ยป Body Liberation Guide released (free)

ยป Fat-Positive/HAES Calendar updated
ยป BLG+ released

ยป Sensory-Friendly Body Doubling – 10 am PST
ยป Crafts & Video Hangout – 5 pm PST

Every day in the Blanket Fort:
ยป Body-safe community chat
ยป Brave learning & journaling
ยป Affinity spaces

A cute illustrated tent on a dark blue background, surrounded by trees, clouds and the moon. Text reads, Get access to the Body Liberation Blanket Fort, a safer, fatphobia-free community for people of all sizes.

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