A Body Image Workbook for Every Body: A Guide for Deconstructing Diet Culture and Learning How to Respect, Nourish, and Care for Your Whole Self

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Author: Sellers Rachel

Package Dimensions: 6x279x318

Number Of Pages: 100

Release Date: 14-11-2021

Details: We have noticed both anecdotally and from other providers that there has been a rise in disordered eating and eating disorder symptoms as a result of the global pandemic. COVID-19 has resulted in greater isolation for teens and young adults, body image distress around weight gain and having to see ourselves on screen constantly, and increased shame and secrecy around eating disorder behaviors. In December of 2020, Rachel and Mimi talked about the growing need for a resource around body image that addressed fatphobia, weight stigma, and therapeutic values and skills. This topic is growing in interest as waitlists for eating disorder providers are getting longer and longer, treatment centers are filling up, and awareness is growing around a more weight-inclusive approach to care.
As a therapist working in private practice and specializing in eating disorders, I (Rachel) was having a difficult time finding a body image workbook that was engaging, developmentally appropriate, education and skills-based, and that addressed several of the socio-cultural reasons why we struggle with our body image in the first place. It was also difficult to find a workbook that was inclusive of diverse identities, as most workbooks on disordered eating/body image cater towards the eating disorder stereotype: white, thin, cisgender, and affluent females. It became clear: I needed to write my own, and I knew that I wanted Mimi to write it with me. Our workbook is about learning how to move towards personal values in the presence of distressing thoughts and urges to engage in disordered eating behaviors. We provide several tools to help teens and young adults unpack and work through cultivating a more positive relationship with their bodies with an educational foundation. The workbook is intended to educate teens and young adults about systems that contribute to the development of poor body image and eating disorders / disordered eating, and provide tangible, developmentally appropriate tools to foster more positive body image and help prevent eating disorders. The workbook is divided into three sections: education (learning), skills (practice), and resources and addresses trauma / the nervous system, marginalized bodies, weight stigma, and therapeutic values work. Eating disorders affect at least 9% of the population worldwide and this statistic is continuing to rise. We wanted to offer a resource that is affirming of
all bodies and addresses the impact that marginalization, trauma and diet culture both have on body image and disordered eating.