A Girl Called Shame: My Journey to Recovery

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Charlotte Kurz always has something to say. A smart, driven student and a kind and caring friend, daughter and sister, she is always cracking a joke and the future seems bright with endless opportunities. What she doesn’t say is that shame and guilt are growing so deep inside her that it feels hard to see where the bad feelings end and where Charlotte begins. A turn of events takes her on a profoundly painful journey of self-discovery that changes her life completely, and teaches her what it means to be human and imperfect. In this moving memoir, Kurz brings to life her experiences of never feeling good enough and the shame and self-loathing that drove her to develop an eating disorder to try to take control of her feelings and pain. She sheds light on how difficult it is to untangle yourself from the depths of your struggles, and that it is possible to come out on the other side.

A Girl Called Shame is a story of the trials and tribulations of living with mental illness, and creating a life worth living. It is a powerful story that life is beautiful even with darkness, and that recovery is possible, no matter how painful.