Beeswax Large Fertility Goddess Venus of Willendorf Candle

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Details: The Fertility Goddess Candle is approximately 6″ tall and 3-D all around as you can see from my pictures. There may be a slight difference in the height as it needs to be leveled once poured and demolded to insure it sits flush. The wick will be cut back to approximately 1/4″ per Safety Guidelines. I call this LARGE as I also have a smaller version of the same candle. The Fertility Goddess was also know as the Venus of Willendorf or the Woman of Willendorf. Note the pock marks on the piece, they are there to simulate the original piece dug up centuries ago. Color of the beeswax will vary from hive to hive. The yellow natural color of your candle, may vary from the listing picture. Made from 100% natural beeswax with 100% cotton wick. Natural honey scented, I let nature pick the scent, you can’t go wrong with that. The hive wax scent is made by the bees of the colony visiting the different flowers in the area. Different regions of the US will have different beeswax scents. Each candle is hand poured upon payment and I pour each candle myself. Proudly MADE IN THE USA! Return Policy: Buyer pays return shipping. Amount of refund will be less all shipping charges.