Big: Stories about Life in Plus-Sized Bodies

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Pop culture stereotypes, shopping frustrations, fat jokes, and misconceptions about health are all ways society systemically rejects large bodies.

Big is a collection of personal and intimate experiences of plus size women, non-binary, and trans people in a society obsessed with thinness. Revealing insights that are both funny and traumatic, surprising and challenging, familiar and unexpected, 26 writers explore themes as diverse as self-perception, body image, fashion, fat activism, food, sexuality, diet culture, and motherhood. These stories offer a closer look at what it means to navigate a world designed to fit bodies of a certain size (sometimes literally) and, in turn, invites readers to ask questions aboutβ€”and ultimately reconsiderβ€”our collective and individual obsession with women’s bodies. Contributors include Simone Blais, Dr. Rohini Bannerjee, Sonja Boon, Layla Cameron, Jo Jefferson, Tracy Manrell, Rabbit Richards, Amanda Scriver, Cassie Stocks, and more.