BraceAbility Knee Pain Brace | Oversized King & Queen Hinged Support Wrap

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  • TO CHOOSE YOUR SIZE – Use a soft, flexible tape measure to find the circumference around your leg at Point A (6 inches above the middle of your kneecap), and Point B (6 inches below the middle of your kneecap). Size 6XL fits between 35 – 40 inches at Point A and between 28 – 34 inches at Point B.
  • EFFORTLESS TO PUT ON AND TAKE OFF – Simple wraparound application allows for an easy and painless process when it comes to both applying and taking off this support.
  • OPEN-PATELLA DESIGN – Eliminate pressure over your sore kneecap, increase mobility and reduce sweat build up while still receiving ultimate support.
  • HEAVY-DUTY HINGES – Provide medial and lateral stability to your knee, limiting range of motion. Remove the metal hinges for a low-support option as you heal.
  • TREATS BARIATRIC KNEE PAIN – Ease pain from degenerative joint disease, muscle / ligament weakness or injury, medial / lateral instability, osteoarthritis, meniscus tears, post-surgery recovery and general o* knee joint pain.

Details: Based on customer feedback – we adjusted our sizing chart to give you a better fit so your plus size knee brace will stay in place all day, preventing knee pain and providing you with optimal support. This plus size knee support is offered in a variety of plus-size options, ranging from L-6XL.. Sizes are based on the circumference of your leg 6″ above your mid-patella and 6” below your mid-patella. Before Choosing a Size – PLEASE MEASURE CAREFULLY! Use a soft, flexible tape measure and refer to the second image above for measuring instructions.
5 Reasons You’ll Love This Plus Size Knee Support for Larger Legs: 1. This unique plus size knee support is constructed out of premium-grade neoprene, which is soft against your skin and latex-free. 2. The open popliteal (back) and open patella (front) of this brace increases breathability and mobility, prevents sweat build up, and keeps your knee brace from falling down / bunching up. 3. The heavy duty hinges of this knee brace are designed to provide medial and lateral support, which helps stabilize your knee. 4. This knee brace helps treat a variety of knee conditions and pain associated with o*, including degenerative joint disease, o* knee pain, muscle/ligament weakness or injury, medial/lateral instability, and more. 5. Wearing this knee brace can help you get back to a more active lifestyle which is essential for preventing long-term, chronic knee pain.

How to Use This Wrap Around Hinged Brace: Application of this knee brace is extremely simple with it’s wrap-around design. The knee brace closes at the front of your leg, and there’s a Velcro strap above and below your kneecap for additional adjustments and custom sizing.