Cosplay Stock Photo: Peaceful Plus Size Lolita with Teddy Bear

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An African American woman who wears plus size clothing sits on a white canopy bed in a pink and black dress, candy-colored plastic jewelry, and cotton candy-colored blue and pink wig. She’s leaning against a large teddy bear with a peaceful, sleepy expression.

Since specialty clothing such as lolita wear is particularly hard to find in plus sizes, she’s understandably proud of her diligence and hard work in putting these outfits together. The photo speaks not only to the ingenuity of plus size women in expressing their fashion senses, but in the dearth of fast fashion, fancy dress, cosplay, costumes, loli, and other niche and subculture clothing available to this market.

This photo is part of a set of images that show that sometimes self-care means treating ourselves — not only to a sweet dessert, but to what our inner selves desire. And sometimes, for some people, that means a day of bubble-gum colors, pretty dresses, dress up and make believe.

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