Dealing With Fatphobia At The Doctor’s Office Workshop (Ragen Chastain)


In the Dealing With Fatphobia At The Doctor’s Office workshop, we discuss tips, tricks, and techniques for getting competent, evidence-based, weight-neutral (and sometimes even fat-positive!) care from doctors and other healthcare practitioners, even in a fatphobic healthcare system

Topics include:

  • Finding a fat-friendly healthcare practitioner
  • Options for handling the weigh-in
  • Asking for accommodations
  • What to do when a healthcare professional “prescribes” weight loss
  • Getting diagnostic tests (CT Scan, MRI etc.) when the machine isn’t built to accommodate fat bodies
  • Dealing with surgery denials (including joint replacement surgeries)
  • Strategies to discuss research about weight and health with your provider
  • Strategies for when a fatphobic practitioner is the only option