Long Handled Toenail Clippers (19.7″ Handle)

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  • Trim your toenails independently: Whether recovering from knee or hip surgery, suffering from arthritis or mobility, or limited range of motion due to overweight, DEPSUNNY long-handled nail clippers allows you greater independence when trimming your toenails. Perfect for those who have trouble bending over, twisting or reaching out to trim their toenails.
  • No more uncomfortable bending or stretching; Better ergonomics:Our unique extended handle design allows the clipper to reach your toenails. Saving you from bending and Reaching. So you can avoid long-term painful distortions and try to reach out to cut your nails! The long-handled nail clippers can help you take care of your grooming to say providing you with more independent trimming of your toenails.
  • The exclusive design of the lid provides a more confident clip: It is reinforced with stainless steel ribs to provide greater leverage. The reinforced nail clippers with 4mm strong concave wide jaw have a stronger bite force, which means you can reduce your workload even with thick nails. (The width of standard nail clippers on the market is 2 mm)
  • 5 sizes to choose:XS(50cm)is suitable for 4’9″-5’7″(1.45m-1.7m).You can view the details page for all sizes.
  • Premium materials:Stainless steel clippers and aluminum long-handle are durable and light.
  • Easy to use:clipper can adjust the direction. Suitable for left and right hands.