No matter what kind of body you live in, but especially if you live in a large body…

Pop culture and diet culture want us to shrink, to be tiny, the merest wisp of existence, easily put out of sight and out of mind. But our bodies want more solidity and our souls want more room to burn, which is why it’s so hard to shrink and so very profitable to make us think we must.

But there is so much value in our closer relationship with gravity. We heal more easily. We are more resistant to famine. Our bodies refuse to shrink and shrink until we go out like a candle simply so onlookers can be more comfortable.

In this book, you’ll find 24 posters printable up to 18×24″. There are 11 pairs, each with a different mantra. You can print and hang them up separately, or together.

Or, keep this little book on your computer or phone and use it as a source of mantras and inspiration. Choose a new one every day (or week).

Not every page may resonate with you, so skip anything you feel isn’t suitable (for example, not everyone who reads this book will have breasts or want to celebrate them) or anything you’re not ready for yet.

This educator copy is for your personal and commercial use. You may:

– Keep it forever

– Make copies of the PDF for yourself

– Print out as many pages as you like, as many times as you like

– Make prints for your office or classroom

– Make printouts for clients, classes or workshops

You may not:

– Make copies of the PDF for others

– Share the PDF with others

Looking for a personal-use version at a lower cost? Take a look at the Regular Edition.