Nothing quite like a fat ass fanny on your bedside table, am I right? CTOAN’s Fanny candle is the perfect nude art gift to set on your bedside table, mantel, or window sill.

  • Round butt, with no innie or outie visible (cuz genitals don’t matter anyway)
  • Hand poured, using soy wax and fragrance oils

The Fanny is a piece of home décor. If you would like to light the candle, put it on a fire safe dish as the wax will drip. Transfer and remaining wax into a wax melter and continue to enjoy. Imperfections, tiny air pockets, and color differentiations are natural and EXPECTED, simply adding to the beauty of the art. Because of the type of candle this is, no burn time is predicted or guaranteed.

All candles have a processing time of 4 – 6 weeks.