Is there an acceptable level of fatness? And if so, how fat is too fat? In our society, there is a growing intolerance of FAT people. In spite of the fat positivity and body acceptance movement, there are those who feel threatened by the bodies of the obese. As FAT people express more self-confidence and self-love for who and what they are, they (we) often come face-to-face with an outright hatred, a kind of racist revulsion for the abundant size of our bodies. Frequently, this is delivered in a sweet guise of care and concern for our health.
FATIZEN: The Graphic Novel, Part One explores an intolerant world that takes an extremist idea and lets it play out for all to see. Sixty years in the future, the diet industry becomes the most powerful branch of the federal government. The rights of the obese are slowly diminished, and then the rebellion begins. But could you maintain a low Body Mass Index if it was law? What if your life depended on it?
Based on the 2015 novel Fatizen 24602 by Philip C. Barragan II, FATIZEN: The Graphic Novel, Part One shows one woman’s journey and how she stands up for her rights and inspires courage, hope, and a revolution. Join Delilah on her adventure and experience the tenacious spirit that perseveres in the face of unrelenting adversity.
This is the first in a trilogy based on the prose novel of the same name. This second edition contains additional new artwork and substantially revised content. Let us introduce you to the FIRST plus-sized action hero, Delilah Palladino. The entire trilogy is available now.