FATIZEN The Graphic Novel Part Three: Their Mortal Rind

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Seventy years in the future, the diet industry remains the most powerful branch of the federal government. The rights of fat citizens have been eliminated, and the rebellion has begun.

FATIZEN: The Graphic Novel, Part Three is an adaptation of the 2015 prose novel Fatizen 24602 by author Philip Barragan, published by Branch Hill Publications. The story is beautifully illustrated, inked and colored by artist Mason Arrigo.

FATIZEN is an exploration into the systematic dehumanization of people. Whether it be our nationality, sexual orientation, color of our skin, or the size of our bodies, societies have leveraged attacks on their fellow citizens throughout civilization. The “othering” of our fellow humans has led to some of our darkest periods in history, and continues today.

Could you maintain a low Body Mass Index if it was law? What if your life depended on it?