Food, Your Body, and You: Workbook & Resource Guide


100 pages of self-reflection questions, resources, and information to help you work on your relationship with food and your body.

Topics included:

Trauma & Triggers
What is diet culture?
Food and Identity
Food and colonialism
The Normalization of disordered eating
Food Justice and Food Insecurity
White Supremacy, Beauty Standards, and Diet Culture
Gender Identity and Eating Disorders
Common Weight and Healthy Myths
Weight Stigma and Fatphobia
Thin Privilege
The Effects of Weight Stigma
BMI, Bad Science, and Racism
Fatphobia, Families, and Medical Care
Self-Advocacy and Medical Providers
Healthism and Nutritionism
Healthism and Ableism
Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders
Types of Eating Disorders
Food Rules and You
The Forms of Restriction
Your Weight and You
Food and Sugar “Addiction”
Medical Diets, Medications, and Food Allergies
“Lifestyle” Changes
Anti-Diet Frameworks
Moving Away From Dieting
Body Awareness
Pleasure and Satisfaction
Pleasure Mapping