Gaby And The Big Red Firedog

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Author: Houghton Rebecca

Package Dimensions: 8x261x109

Number Of Pages: 32

Release Date: 06-05-2021

Details: When Gaby moves to the city with her daddy and papa, she is convinced that the sirens she hears are the howling of the Big Red Firedog. Gaby wants so badly to meet the Firedog and to learn about her life in the city that one day, when she’s walking with Papa, Gaby runs after the Firedog and gets lost. Convinced that the Firedog is the only one who can help her get back home, Gaby follows her across the city to a fire, where Gaby is the only one fast enough to make a daring rescue. While Gaby is glad that she was able to help, now she really just wants to get back to her parents. When the Big Red Firedog finally takes her home, Gaby realizes that what we think about the world isn’t always so and that what matters the most in life is how we can help others.

Rebecca Houghton pg. 2