HAES Stock Photo: Female Weightlifter with Pink Hair Does Wide Stance Squat

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A Caucasian woman with bright pink hair performs a wide stance powerlifting squat in a gym. She’s wearing a pink and black tank top and patterned unicorn leggings in pink, purple, green, blue, gray and black, with shoes in similar colors. She has a full sleeve tattoo on one arm and a single tattoo on the other arm.

In front of her is a tall metal rack on which the weight rests when it’s not in use. She’s standing on a wood and rubber mat in a black-iron gym with white walls and a partially covered window. Weight plates line the wall in front of her.

This woman is a professional body positive personal trainer and powerlifter.

Lighting: Continuous light, natural light

Environment: indoors, gym

Themes: exercise, fitness, HAES, health at every size, joyful movement, tattoos, stretching, warming up, cooling down, working out

Location: Oregon, Pacific Northwest, United States

Ethnicities, genders and abilities of note: Caucasian

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