Holiday Honey: a novella ( Book 4)

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In a city miles away from her loved ones, Kailyn is desperate not to be idle during the time of year when loneliness and depression are highest. Inspired by the age of technology, she cooks up a scheme to ensure she will be around someone’sβ€”anyone’sβ€”family, even if she has to pimp herself out to do it.

Cory fields questions about his personal life from his family regularly but during the holidays those questions morph into the sort of pressure that makes it hard for him to breath. He stumbles across a find that would not only garner him reprieve on Christmas Day, but also secure radio silence for a least a couple of months. The price might be high, but the results feel worth it.

Set during Christmas, this holiday addition to the series is about what can bloom when you let your guard down and lie to get folks off your back.