In My Bathroom | BUTT BUDDY Go – Portable Handheld Bidet & Fresh Water Bottle Sprayer (Perfect for Home, Travel, Outdoors | Retractable Nozzle, Soft-Squeeze Plastic, Large Volume | Carry Bag Included)

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Brand: In My Bathroom

Color: Blue


  • Enjoy a fresh, just showered feeling every time you use the bathroom, making the Butt Buddy Go bidet the perfect solution for traveling and staying hygienic.
  • Portable, lightweight and convenient, you can take the Butt Buddy Go bidet with you on vacation, to work or anywhere else and get an instant wash whenever you need it.
  • Stop wiping with expensive toilet paper, start washing with our personal handheld bidet for a fraction of the price. Save paper, save money, save your bum.
  • The Butt Buddy Go bidet comes with a soft-squeeze bottle and a nozzle designed to quickly slide back in after use, enabling you to have full pressure control and store it easily.
  • Our unique, advanced bidet features an angled spray head for precision aim, a large capacity reservoir for effective cleansing, and a metal airlock for consistent water spray.

Package Dimensions: 79x224x113

Details: With the Butt Buddy Go portable handheld bidet, you’ll keep things clean and experience a more sanitary lifestyle wherever you go, whenever you go.

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