Love, Lies, & Pleasure (The Brothers of Kemet Book 2)

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New beginnings can be a spark that ignites a flame that blazes.
In the world of the Brothers of Kemet, CEO Kwame Hughes has followed the spark of making sure women ‘Be Okay’ in his life. But it is his chance encounter with Karma Asante who now lives with him, which ultimately brings a special life-changing type of karma into his life. The intimate connection between the pair begins to unravel with unfinished threats, secrets, lies, and truths around Kwame’s salacious foundation of B.O.K.- who are elite escorts in the city of Atlanta.

Having had her world dismantled, home and job lost with her money dwindling due to her ex’s lies and growing drama, Karma hates liars. But working for Atlanta’s highly desired businessman and sexy widower has ignited a spark in her that she wasn’t expecting. Her views about love, trust, and pleasure soon waiver due to the alluring lothario she’s employed by. But will Kwame’s lies keep them from trusting in each other’s passionate pleasure and connecting love, or keep them apart?

Return to the final beginnings of the Brothers of Kemet in this sensual and passionate story of Love, Lies, and Pleasure by award-nominated author Kai Leakes.