More of You: The Fat Girl’s Field Guide to the Modern World

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Author: Beck Amanda Martinez

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Release Date: 24-05-2022

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Too often, fatness has been viewed as a moral failing. Fat Christian women in particular are shamed and marginalized by the message that they are failing God because they can’t change their bodies. More of You will challenge that status quo, teaching readers to resist the shame and guilt that is pressed onto them by the world and instead to embrace their bodies, take up space, and learn to navigate the world in ways that allow them to flourish.

With wit and candor, Amanda Martinez Beck, a fat woman herself, compiles her hard-won wisdom to give the skinny on thriving in a fat body to others who have been pushed to the margins of acceptance. Offering helpful tools like The Fat Girl’s Bill of Rights and a script for a weight-neutral doctor’s visit, this book addresses real needs in the fat acceptance community, from how to find self-love in a thin-obsessed world, to navigating a world built for butts smaller than yours, to advocating for equality and justice for fat women’s medical care.
About the Author
Amanda Martinez Beck is a fat activist and body peace coach specializing in the intersection of human dignity, body liberation, and religion. She is the author of Lovely: How I Learned to Embrace the Body God Gave Me and the co-creator and cohost of the Fat & Faithful podcast. She began the @your_body_is_good Instagram account to teach herself and others that the purpose of the human body is connection, not perfection. Her writing has been featured in various outlets, including Christianity Today and America Magazine. She lives in Texas with her family.