Mason Grinchinsky’s reputation for bedding and discarding his assistants has landed him in hot water with the Board of Directors. He had a year to prove to the Board that he can keep his hands to himself or he’ll be replaced as CEO. His safe bet is to hire a plus size woman. That should do the trick.

When the curvy goddess named Rhys Reid greets him in his office and introduces herself as his new assistant, Mason knows he is in trouble. Instead of hitting on her, he forces himself to be mean, hoping it will make her hate him. What he didn’t count on was Rhys liking his gruff demeanor. Unable to resist their attraction, the lovers must hide their affair from the prying eyes of their co-workers.

Things come to a head at the office Christmas Party when Mason sees Rhys dancing with another man. Will he be able to stifle his rage before exposing their secret or will he risk everything for the love he desires? Find out in this BWWM LoveRotica Christmas Tale.