My Body’s Superpower: The Girls’ Guide to Growing Up Healthy During Puberty

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Body dissatisfaction skyrockets during puberty, compromising a girl’s physical and emotional health. Now there’s a book that helps girls see body changes as “superpowers,” leading them to a healthy and satisfying life.

In this first-of-its-kind book, family nutrition expert Maryann Jacobsen empowers adolescent girls to see their body in a positive light. Utilizing a fun and relevant Superpower theme, girls learn what is happening inside the body (Super Knowledge), how to decode and respond to body signals (Body Talk), and “time travel” when making decisions. My Body’s Superpower introduces 9 superpowers based on the research of puberty, nutritional needs, emotional health, sleep, physical activity, intuitive/mindful eating, motivation, media literacy, and body image.

The book teaches girls to:

  • Understand physical changes during puberty and give the body what it needs — food, sleep, and activity — to thrive.
  • Decode the inner world of feelings, choose the best super friends, and take time to discover more about yourself and what excites you.
  • Critically think about media messages and reduce pressure in both the “virtual” and “real” worlds.

My Body’s Superpower helps build a foundation for lifelong health during a critical time of development. Meant to guide parents and educate girls (and bring them together), it’s destined to be a classic every girl reads growing up.

Please note: The paperback version is in black and white and the hardback is in color.