**CWs at the bottom***

AJ Felipe makes the most of being the head information security engineer for a local law firm with the help of her loyal team of nerds. Their job isn’t really the most fun, but things take a turn when one of her junior security engineers decides to nominate her for a makeover show.

Enter Jackie NiΓ±o, the one-night stand AJ didn’t expect to meet againβ€”who also happens to be the makeup artist who’s going to get her all dolled up on national television.

After the episode is aired, another ghost from her past comes back to haunt her: Axel Herrera, the ex-boyfriend who still thinks she left him because she’s a lesbian.

Spoiler alert: She isn’t.

Being bisexual is hard enough. How will AJ navigate new feelings while finding closure for old heartaches?

(Disclaimer: On-page F/F and M/F only)

***CW for a mention of transphobia, mentions of biphobia, and depictions of inappropriate workplace behavior.***