Plus Size Knee Pain Solutions: The Easy Fitness Way to Stronger Happier Knees

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Do you want to stay active, but can’t move easily because your knees hurt? Is your life getting smaller because it hurts too much to get where you want to go? In “Plus Size Knee Pain Solutions”, Medical Exercise Specialist and Coach, Cinder Ernst, offers her proven Easy Fitness 30 day knee system so you can get out of pain and gain strength and stamina―and all this in less than 5 minutes a day!

Hard to believe? Maybe…if you’ve been brainwashed by traditional diet and fitness industry propaganda. But hundreds of plus size people who reduce knee pain and gain mobility with Cinder say otherwise:

“Before this book, I couldn’t walk without crutches. As I did the 30-day knee system, I went to a cane and then walking independently!”― Kimya Dawson

“I had all but given up on my knees when I met Cinder 7 years ago. Now, they hardly ever bother me, but when they do, I know exactly what to do next!” ― Jo Nemoyten

“…this book is the best motivation―and instruction―to get up and move. It’s easy, clever, and relies on feeling good, not shame and punishment for not feeling the burn. There’s no burn with Cinder’s system.”― Iris Chicago

For 30 years, Cinder has studied what works best to help with fitness and knee pain. Now all her best stuff is in this book. If you’re ready to get out of pain and have more fun, this book is for you!