• Pump Strap is the best handsfree pumping bra for working or busy moms who like to multitask; nursing moms can keep their hands free to do work or relax while pumping; pump both breasts simultaneously or pump while breastfeeding
  • Perfect for moms sizes XXL and above; our handsfree pumping bras have completely adjustable velcro and fit women with bra sizes DD+, G, H, I, or J; adjustable pumping bra allows you to keep using the same Pump Strap as your postpartum body changes
  • Machine washable with sturdy velcro that allows for easy on and off; simple design allows you to wear the pumping bra by itself or over a nursing bra/top; includes a removable bra strap that attaches to the front and goes around your neck for more support
  • Busy nursing moms can pump faster while pumping more thanks to Pump Strap compression; breast compression puts pressure on milk glands, helping with milk expression and increasing your output on each pump, saving you even more time
  • The Pump Strap handsfree bustier-style design works with all single and double electric breastpump manufacturers including, but not limited to: Medela, Ameda, Lansinoh, Pumpin Pal, and the wider Spectra or other flanges

Details: Pump Strap is the best, Lactation-Specialist-recommended, handsfree, breastfeeding pump bra on the market! This incredible invention created for busy moms by a busy mom checks every box – truly hands-free, time-saving, comfortable, easy to use, easy to put on and take off, velcro strapped to allow for body changes and increased compression, supportive, machine-washable and more! Many mothers report pumping faster and more with Pump Strap’s compression technology! Save yourself time and frustration struggling with annoying pumps that lose suction or support after the bottle gets heavy, Pump Strap allows you to pump both breasts at once completely handsfree, or to pump one breast while you brestfeed your baby. Perfect for women of any size and perfect for the changes in weight and size that many experience postpartum.