A black woman who wears plus size clothing sits on a white bed with white pillows and blanket and holds a coffee mug. She’s looking down and away from the camera, at her cup, and smiling.

She’s wearing a dark teal blue cami top with a black floral design, black leggings, a silver necklace with a heart pendant, and bright pink lipstick. Her hair is a medium-length, wavy deep blue wig. A heart-shaped tattoo is partly visible on her shoulder. A camel brown cable-knit blanket is draped across her shoulders and torso.

This woman’s mixed ethnic heritage includes black or African American, Caucasian, and Italian ancestry.

Environment: indoors, bedroom, bed, white background

Mood: relaxed, resting, pensive, modest, shy, thoughtful

Themes: relaxation, hanging out, leisure, morning, Sunday morning, coffee

Ethnicities, genders and abilities of note: Black, African American, Caucasian, Italian

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