Royalty Free Stock Photo: Plus Size Woman on Lake Shore with Umbrella, Rain and Autumn Leaves

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A Caucasian woman who wears plus size clothing stands outdoors in a city park in a rain shower on a cool, cloudy autumn day. She holds a large white umbrella. Her hair is blonde and she’s wearing a casual black shirt, silver necklace, light blue raincoat, denim blue jeans, and sandals or flip-flops.

In front of her is a lake, dock or boardwalk, and misty landscape. She’s standing on a wet sand shore with scattered fallen autumn leaves. Her hair is slightly wet from the rain.

This woman is a mother, and her ethic heritage includes German ancestry.

Lighting: natural light, cloudy, low key

Environment: outdoors, park, trees, rain, shore, water, lake

Mood: contemplative, content, quiet, peaceful

Themes: walking, exercise, nature, weather, contemplation, uncertainty

Ethnicities, genders and abilities of note: Caucasian, German

Location: Lake Washington, Washington State, Pacific Northwest, United States

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