Royalty Free Stock Photo: Plus Size Woman with Cupcake in Coffee Shop

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A Caucasian woman who wears plus size clothing sits in a coffee shop on a cloudy autumn day. In this close-up shot, only her hands and casual black top are shown. On the table next to her is a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing on a small white ceramic plate. Her arm rests on the table with her hands holding the plate.

Behind her is a typical coffee shop interior: tables and chairs, a booth seat, a potted plant, and a bookshelf with cooks.

This woman is a mother, and her ethic heritage includes German ancestry.

Lighting: natural light, cloudy, low key, artificial light, mixed lighting

Environment: indoors, coffee shop, table, window

Mood: contemplative, content, quiet, peaceful, waiting

Themes: rest, self care, intuitive eating, food

Ethnicities, genders and abilities of note: Caucasian, German

Location: Washington State, Pacific Northwest, United States

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