Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family: How to Eat, How to Raise Good Eaters, How to Cook

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This readable, entertaining, and light-hearted book by Ellyn Satter, based on solid scientific evidence, will transform your life. In writing about eating, feeding, and cooking, Satter also writes about emotional health and positive family relationships. Satter encourages you to celebrate eating. Eating is okay. Eating enough is okay.

Enjoying eating is okay. Eating what you like―and discovering the joy of cooking―is okay. Raising your child to do the same thing is more than okay, it is brilliant! How can this be? Won’t taking off the brakes on eating and weight make you eat way too much and gain a lot of weight? Based on her research and experience with Eating Competence and the Satter Division of Responsibility in Feeding, Satter says no. On the contrary, discovering the joy of eating―becoming eating competent―lets you connect with your inner self that knows how to eat.