What if twelve weeks could totally transform the way you feel about your body forever? Would you take the leap?In this deliciously funny and informative self-help guide, licensed therapist Dr. Carly LeBaron is stoked to teach you how to stop chasing the illusion of the perfect body and start loving the skin you’re in. Using a weekly challenge, meditations, and daily journal prompts, Dr. LeBaron doles out the high-fives, hand-holds, and hard truths like the compassionate best friend you always need in the passenger seat of such an emotional ride.In this book, you’ll learn how to:•Trade in your obsession over calorie counting, torturous routine on the treadmill, and daily glances to see how your butt looks in jeggings for peace of mind•Stop scapegoating your body as the thing holding you back and cannonball into the life you truly want to live•See your body as the brilliant, functional tool it is and celebrate the amazing things it can do for you•Finally shed the weight of everyone else’s expectations and embrace the life-changing freedom of being friends with your body•And so much more!Are you ready to commit the revolutionary act of loving your body (and yourself) in a culture that tells you you’ll never be enough? No more wasting time, money, and energy trying to change your body; let’s start changing how you feel about your body right now!