Stock Photo: Acupuncture Student Palpates to Locate Large Intestine Acupuncture Points


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An acupuncture student palpates to locate large intestine acupuncture points on another woman. Both women seated at the large wooden table are Caucasian; both the student and volunteer are in their 30s. The low-key lighting and their comfortable positions indicate a casual environment.

Lighting: low key, neutral colors, natural light, artificial light

Environment: indoors, coffee shop, coffeehouse, cloudy, day, daytime, autumn, October, fall

Themes: Chinese medicine, acupuncture, alternative medicine, holistic medicine, graduate students, practice, pulse diagnosis, experiments, cooperation, two women, plus size women

Ethnicities, genders and abilities of note: Caucasian, female, woman, 30s, 40s

Location: Washington State, Pacific Northwest, United States

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