Stock Photo: Pacific Islander Woman Hula Dancing with Cabins on Evening Shore

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A woman of Pacific Islander heritage dances hula in soft, low-key light on a cloudy evening in Washington state, captured between two rustic brown wooden cabins. Her ethnicity is part Hawaiian and part Tongan.

Her dress is a traditional pāʻū, or pau. The garlands about her neck are called leis. Her tattoos include traditional islander designs.

Lighting: natural light, low key

Environment: beach, shore, pebbles, seaweed, trees, cliff, bluff, driftwood

Mood: fun, joyful, happy, content, enthusiastic, concentration

Themes: hobby, art, dancing, occupation, movement, joyful movement, exercise, fitness, health at every size, performing, performance

Ethnicities, genders and abilities of note: Pacific Islander, Hawaiian, Tongan

Location: Puget Sound, Washington State, Pacific Northwest, United States

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