Stock Photo: Young Asian American Woman Holding Pine Branch

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On a cloudy autumn afternoon, an Asian American woman in her 30s holds a small branch from a pine trees. The emphasis and focus of the photo are on the needles of the branch rather than her face, which is soft and out of focus. Bushes and trees in autumn colors are behind her. This woman wears plus-size clothing and has short hair and is wearing a red scarf and white winter jacket. She’s looking away from the camera, at the branch she’s holding, with a neutral expression or slight smile.

Lighting: low key, bright colors, natural light

Environment: outdoors, cloudy, day, daytime, autumn, October, fall, coast, shore, lake, water

Themes: exploration, adventure, travel, nature, walking, hiking, conservation, parks, outdoors

Ethnicities, genders and abilities of note: Asian American, female, woman, 30s

Location: Washington State, Pacific Northwest, United States

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