The Exhausted Entrepreneur’s Complete Marketing Toolkit


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Stop Letting Marketing Burn You Out

Do any of these sound familiar?

> “I love starting new projects, but I never seem to finish anything.”

> “I haven’t blogged in a year.”

> “I hate staring at a blank Instagram post every day, trying to think of something to say.”

> “I can do marketing okay when I’m not busy, but the second my client list fills up I have to drop it and then it doesn’t get done at all.”

> “How am I supposed to say something new all the time?”

> “I don’t have time for marketing!”

> “I’m so tired.”

I have a hard-won superpower that I’m going to share with you: how to market your business without burning out.

I broke the burnout cycle. So can you.

These days, I reject hustle culture, and I think you should reject it too. Our lives are too precious to waste on struggling for struggle’s sake. It’s time to do less, more effectively.

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Here’s What You Get

The Exhausted Entrepreneur’s Complete Marketing Toolkit includes:

  1. The Exhausted Entrepreneur’s Complete Guide to Content Marketing
  2. Resource Commitment Calculator
  3. Marketing Roadmap Planner
  4. Basic Business Metrics Tracker
  5. Six bonus Level Up Planning Templates
  6. A 60-minute meeting with Lindley to ask questions, get support and beat overwhelm

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