The Geode Theory: Chipping Away At Body Image

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What do rocks have to do with body image?

With personal stories and actionable steps, body image activist and educator, Teri Hofford helps women reconstruct the relationship they have with their body using geodes as a metaphor. Portraying the harmful belief systems, thought processes, trauma, and past experiences connected with how we view and treat our bodies every day as the gritty, grey, and hardened outer shell of a geode, Teri explains how these things keep us from following our hearts and revealing our true, glittery inner selves. At the end of each chapter, she asks the reader a number of questions and gives them ways to chip away at these outer layers so that by the end of the book, the reader will understand that by embracing their imperfections, developing a positive relationship with their body, and honouring the person within, they will begin to appreciate their authentic self, thus leading them to live a more fulfilling and sparkly life….

About the Author

Teri Hofford is a body image coach and empowerment photographer who has been referred to as an emotional dominatrix and Tough Love Teri for her bold approach to personal responsibility and self love. After having been at both ends of the weight spectrum herself, Teri realized that achieving the perfect body was not the answer, but rather, finding contentment with the size and shape that one is at in the present is the key to feeling complete and confident. From this, Teri created what she refers to as her empowerment empire, which includes Teri Hofford Photography, everyBODIES Education, an education resource for photographers to diversify the types of bodies we see in the media, and BODY IMAGE BOOTCAMP ((TM)) workshops to help women cope with their body image issues. Teri’s mission is to help women shift their focus from constantly changing their bodies so they can start changing the world….