The Role of Size Acceptance in Eating Disorders Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Workshop (Ragen Chastain)


In the Size Acceptance and Eating Disorders workshop, we’ll discuss the role of Size Acceptance, including Fat Acceptance specifically, in eating disorders prevention, treatment, and recovery.

We’ll begin by examining the messages that come to us about beauty, our bodies, and health, and how they create an environment that perpetuates disordered eating and eating disorders. We’ll  discuss how using a framework of Size Acceptance and Health at Every Size prevents eating disorders and provides practical, realistic options to help those dealing with disordered eating and eating disorders, as well as anyone affected by these negative messages, to repair the damage these messages have done, and create strategies that support dealing with them moving forward including through recovery journeys and beyond.

This workshop is for anyone interested in eating disorders prevention, treatment, and recovery and is based on keynotes and workshops that I’ve presented at state and national eating disorders conferences..