The Witch on the Moon Fat Positive Illustration


This is a beautiful fat babe that can be purchased as a hard copy print, delivered to your door!

The print depicts a beautiful, colourful fat babe living life freely. I am passionate about creating art of beautiful fat people and believe representation matters. As a fat artist I simply draw what I know.

All of my prints are limited runs and each size has just 7 copies.

They will all be numbered and signed on the back.

These prints will be printed on a high quality archival matt 190 gsm paper and posted to your door.

There are several size options listed below. Should you want a custom size please feel free to contact me.

The sizing info is as follows;

A3/11 x 16 in/297 mm x 420 mm
A4/8 x 11 in/210 mm x 297 mm
A5/6 x 8 in/148 mm x 210 mm
A6/4 x 6 in/74 mm x 105 mm

I recommend corresponding frames with mounts for the full impact of the prints!

Any questions please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for checking out my work!