Thickening Fat: Fat Bodies, Intersectionality, and Social Justice

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hickening Fat: Fat Bodies, Intersectionality, and Social JusticeĀ seeks to explore the multiple, variable, and embodied experiences of fat oppression and fat activisms. Moving beyond an analysis of fat oppression as singular, this book will aim to unpack the volatility of fatā€•the mutability of fat embodiments as they correlate with other embodied subjectivities, and the threshold where fat begins to be reviled, celebrated, or amended. In addition,Ā Thickening FatĀ explores the full range of intersectional and liminal analyses that push beyond the simple addition of two or more subjectivities, looking instead at the complex alchemy of layered and unstable markers of difference and privilege.

Cognizant that the concept of intersectionality has been filled out in a plurality of ways,Ā Thickening FatĀ poses critical questions around how to render analysis of fatness intersectional and to thicken up intersectionality, where intersectionality is attenuated to the shifting and composite and material dimensions to identity, rather than reduced to an ā€œadd difference and stirā€ approach.Ā TheĀ chapters in this collectionĀ ask what happens when we operationalize intersectionality in fat scholarship and politics, and we position difference at the centre and start of inquiry.