Toots, Poots, and Farts too: A wind-breaking book of shame-free flatulence

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We all pass gas; it’s a natural part of having a body!

You may have been raised to feel a lot of shame over passing gas. Now that you have a child, you’re not sure how to approach the subject. You don’t want your child to feel ashamed of having to pass gas, but there’s a certain social etiquette you might want them to follow so that they aren’t subject to irate teachers and taunts from peers.

This book was written to teach your child about farting in a shame-free and appropriate way. It also briefly covers why we fart, reinforcing that it’s a natural bodily process. It uses silly rhymes and pictures to hold your child’s attention, normalize and de-stigmatize the subject, and guarantee TONS of laughs.

Through silly rhymes, kids will learn that:

  • Passing gas is normal and everybody does it
  • Passing gas is nothing to be ashamed of
  • They shouldn’t hold it in
  • While there’s nothing wrong with passing gas, the sound and smell can upset other people
  • To be polite, they can try to pass gas away from others
  • If they can’t manage to do it away from others, they haven’t done anything wrong and it’s not a big deal

This book covers strategies for passing gas politely in four situations:

  • Inside
  • Outside
  • In class
  • In a car