Tuning Her Up: A BWWM Interracial Erotica (Perfect Strangers)

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The last thing Wren wants to do is drive six hours south to see her estranged father for Christmas. Unfortunately, it’s the very thing her mother requests of her, and in thirty years, she’s never been able to deny her mother of anything. The fact that she’s a few years overdue for a service appointment on her coupe is inconsequential since it’s already Christmas Eve.

Reality comes crashing down on her when her trusty vehicular sidekick decides to kick the bucket in a rural Louisiana town with one main road. After finding help, Wren is directed to the only mechanic in town, and although he’s rude and abrupt over the phone, once she lays eyes on him, she’s eager for him to finish working on her car so he can check under her hood next.

The Perfect Strangers series explores the moment when two people meet and have an instant attraction.